the Omaha himself

“Buffett told the crowd in Omaha: No question that the purchasing power of U.S. dollar will decline over time. Only question is at what rate it will happen.

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This only insure the fact that the US dollar is going to the crash. Better have some guy of protection. There is just simply too much dollar chasing too few goods.

This can be a good idea, for debt to be clean of the plate. Lets take out the largest mortgage possible, they will be borrow at noninflated dollars when you pay back the loan in inflated dollars that value will be worthless. Of course assuming that you are about to pay it back and not mess up your credit score.



I have always known that there was something wrong with our education system. There was always too much labor in the market. With the population reaching exponential limits we have too many humans on Earth. I am not saying this to be mean our anything. If you take the time to google ecology there is always population limits that will outstrip the available resource.

Thus going back to my main point of education system, the education system was put there to control the labor market due to robots replacing us. We go to school to “study” do homework that has no value what so ever. Please come on don’t tell all the homework that you have done in high school has helped you make more money right now. Or even in college right now why does someone with a master degree do high school level work?

Our education system does not help someone learn? It is setup to reduce the incoming labor market.