Clean ATM

research show that the Wells Fargo ATM at CSULB is cleaner than the Bank of America ATM. Due to the positioning of the ATM directly in the sunlight as oppose to being in the shade where the potential of moisture  increases. Thus where there is water there is life and lots of it.


Fat people

Fat people you are a joke, the biggest thing (ha pun) they have done in their lives is to lose weight this is commendable except for the fact that they should not have gain weight in the first place. Now gaining muscle,staying fit and having healthy active lifestyle that is something that everyone should be celebrating.

There are some interesting studies that shows if we eat junk food are body tends to think that the sweet sugar is full of nutrition. Because in the olden days, the monkey would see a fruit and eat it up because it was full of nutrition. But with the process food we do not have the same nutritional value and our old monkey brain still thinks that, it’s a good idea to eat the junk food because it has linked that sweet processed junk to having high nutritional value. When the body does not get its high nutrition content, it says “uh oh” need more thus the cycle repeats itself.