Students vs Learners

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Education reform

Wow our Nation’s Capital Washington D.C. reading level is only 12% for eighth graders. I thought our schools system was just bad, its actually really horrible.  Quite interesting documentary.

I have plan to fix those bad school, put video tapes in the class room and put them on

1. The whole nation can comment on what the teacher is doing well.

2. We all can effectively give constructive criticism.

3. Entertainment value 😀

4. As a parent, I would like to know what they are learning in class.

5. Good way to review for homework in case they forgot something.

6. Accountable to the public

7. Get paid bonuses via view counts.

Can you imagine if the reading level of the whole world was 100%, we would all be too powerful. We might be living on mars.


I have always known that there was something wrong with our education system. There was always too much labor in the market. With the population reaching exponential limits we have too many humans on Earth. I am not saying this to be mean our anything. If you take the time to google ecology there is always population limits that will outstrip the available resource.

Thus going back to my main point of education system, the education system was put there to control the labor market due to robots replacing us. We go to school to “study” do homework that has no value what so ever. Please come on don’t tell all the homework that you have done in high school has helped you make more money right now. Or even in college right now why does someone with a master degree do high school level work?

Our education system does not help someone learn? It is setup to reduce the incoming labor market.

Student loans

“Has the federal student loan program encouraged colleges to increase costs by allowing students to spread payments out over a quarter of their lifetimes?”

So there was a small protest at the CSULB over the the price of higher education blah blah blah. I just wanted to talk about the price of education, is it a good investment to take a out small business loan just to go to school. People who go to  school to get a degree, pay upwards of 100k for some professor to teach them. Well how about taking that 100k and start a business that will teach you real word examples better in year than any professor can teach.

The underlining problem is much bigger than this. There is going to be a mass revolution in computer/robotic technology that will replace most jobs. There is a reason why the federal government wants to push free federal student loans. It is to displace the younger work forces, from reaching the market and allowing the older work force to die off. But in a world where there is robotic do everything what will the human do? Will we truly have a free society? Where there is truly peace on Earth. What if there was no need for money?